How Zombies got on the Titanic….
Will it all started with my then 8 year old daughter who loved the movie Titanic with Jack and Rose. She was also the little girl who loved watching The Walking Dead with her dad. So when I started thinking about writing books, her suggestion was to combine her two favourite things, Zombies and Titanic.
I knew that as a first time author that was not a subject that I wanted to tackle right off the bat, so I just put the idea away. I am not a fan of horror. I don’t like it. It’s scary. This is the reason that I don’t watch things with zombies or that things that come out of dark places and try to attack me.
Then I went to Christmas two years ago and the whole family was talking about the Walking Dead and how amazing it was. I bit the bullet and binge watched over the New Year, a marathon, and quickly became a fan. I still wasn’t totally on board with things that go bump in the night, but slowly I was coming over to the dark side.
While talking about books my daughter again mentioned combining the two loves and I could imagine the scenes so I got started. The problem was that I still hate the gore that comes with Zombies so creating a story about them had a few slight things to work out. I felt like I was writing scenes with one hand over my eyes and the other on the keyboard, but as I got into the story it became a little easier.
Nora, the nurse had no idea what she was getting into on this historic journey. Jonathan, the head steward has to keep his passengers happy, but covering up dead bodies that try to eat you weren’t exactly in his job description. The stowaway had found a ship that seemed to offer safety from those that were chasing him. The Miller family, were just a normal family until suddenly they each developed their own personalities and were almost writing the story themselves. The hardest part was trying to make sure that I didn’t steal from a copy-written story so I had to research and make sure that I wasn’t just getting my story from a movie.
Many, many months later with a few interesting facts discovered about the historic Titanic, Infected Waters was finished and I could quit hearing the music from the movie.
I’m not completely won over to the world of horror, but I’m working my way through zombies and who knows where that will lead me.
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