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Deadly Encounters – An anthology of short stories

The stories within this evil tome are filled with the bleakest and blackest of happenstances: stories of murder, of the macabre, of the gruesome.

Deadly Encounters is an exploration of all that’s weird. As an appetiser, consider this: where else could you have a conversation with death other than in Jeannie’s garden? Who else would buy you a ticket and send you off on a surreal train journey with a witch and her canaries?

Your main course? Indulge yourself! Among these twelve short stories you’ll discover serial killers, unearth their peculiar peccadillos and trivial motivations, and you’ll glean an understanding just how sweet a dish, revenge can be.

And finally for dessert and your own delectation … why not utilise a number of body parts for untoward purposes?

How deadly can an encounter with Jeannie Wycherley’s mind be? The answer lies within.

WARNING: Contains adult content

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The Fly Man

Jess is fresh out of drama school and starting a new job in the West End. She wants to make a success of it. Len is the in-house technician and he’s proving to be a distraction. Will Len pass on his expertise, and the tricks he’s learned over the years? And can Jess keep her cool, and her job? A Short and Saucy story from Betty Gabriel.


“Sherri is a cam girl who titillates and teases. I’m a regular connoisseur of the SexiSherriXXX show. I mean, I wouldn’t say I was obsessive … but you might.” Like all cam girls, Sherri has obsessive fans. It’s just about to go wrong for her. Can anyone save the day? A Short and Saucy story from Betty Gabriel.

‘In Kindness’ in Off Track: Anthology from The Writer’s Playground

Kim’s had the work day from hell and just wants to get home. However, an encounter with a mysterious old woman, and a fellow commuter’s aggression and thoughtlessness threatens her very existence.

‘Gretel’s Revenge’ in Bones II

Everyone knows the story of Hansel and Gretel, but have you ever wondered if there really was a happily ever after or did Gretel seek revenge on her stepmother?

‘Scratching in the Dust’ in The Lost Door

In a post-apocalyptic world full of grime and dust and acid lakes, life expectancy is low. Lucie is living in pitiful conditions when she happens upon a door to a secret garden. It’s paradise, so why does Lucie turn her back on it?

‘The Installation’

Cilla is a roadie working for a well-known rock group. She’s flattered when she’s at the receiving end of lead singer Seth’s attention. The thing is she’s looking for a good time, and he’s more interested in showing her his sculpture.

‘Managing Murder’ in Slaughter House: The Serial Killer Edition – Volume 1

When Laurel Williams loses her job, her husband leaves her and she is forced to sell her house. She thinks her life is over. Inconsolable, she decided to wreak revenge on the manager who made her life such a misery. In order to get away with it, she needs to practice her MO…

The Municipality of Lost Souls

In the otherwise quiet municipality of Pencarreck, the wrecking of ships swells the coffers of the town. It’s a barbaric tradition the living turn a blind eye to, so what happens when the dead take it upon themselves to end it?

A Conversation with Death in The Sirens Call Ezine (FREE)

Issue 25 (Feb 2016)

When death comes knocking, you can’t hide your secrets.

An Encounter with Old Duir

Issue 31 (Feb 2017)

From her window Jane has a startling view across the valley. She becomes curious about a tree atop the hills opposite, and sets off to investigate. What starts off as an innocent ramble in the Devon countryside, becomes a terrifying one-way ticket to hell.

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