Dark Fantasy


Heather Keynes’ teenage son died in a tragic car accident. Or so she thinks. But deep in the countryside, an ancient evil has awoken.

No-one is safe. Who is the mysterious old woman in the forest and what is it that feeds her anger?

When Heather determines the true cause of her son’s death, she is hell-bent on vengeance. Determined to halt the march of the Crone once and for all, hatred becomes Heather’s ultimate weapon and furies collide to devastating effect.

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Beyond the Veil

Upset the dead at your peril …

Death is not the end. Although Detective Adam Chapple has always assumed it is. When his ex-wife is killed, the boundaries between life and death, fantasy and reality, and truth and lies begin to dissolve. Adam’s main suspect for the murder, insists that she’s actually his star witness.

She claims she met the killer once before. In an after-death experience. Fresh out of leads, Adam seeks the help of self-proclaimed witch, Cassia Veysie, a woman who insists she can communicate with the dead. However, the situation rapidly deteriorates when a bungled séance rips open a gateway to a sinister world beyond the veil, and unquiet spirits are unleashed.

With time running out and a murderer on the loose, the nightmare is only just beginning …

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Midnight Garden

Lisa’s mother is dying. But Lisa doesn’t care…

Now in her early forties, and with her life disintegrating around her, she’s been forced to return to her childhood home where the memories of her father and brother have long been repressed. When the Victorian villa across the road goes up for sale, Lisa is naturally curious. Then an odd young stranger invites her to explore the garden … but only after midnight.

But as everyone knows, after midnight is when the nightmares really begin.

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The Municipality of Lost Souls

Vengeful souls don’t stay dead. They taunt the minds of the living until they throw themselves from clifftops. Yet death turns a profit when you drive ships onto rocks to plunder riches.

Agatha knows one thing for sure: respect the dead. Especially those who did not die quietly.

Now, a lonely witch has conjured a young sailor’s soul. And woken them all. Only Agatha knows the truth. She hears it in the whispers drifting across the waves. She hears it in the crackle of the flames. And the marauders will stop at nothing to silence her.

Shh … Listen … The Dead Are Coming …

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