Heather Keynes’ teenage son died in a tragic car accident. Or so she thinks. But deep in the countryside, an ancient evil has awoken.

No-one is safe. Who is the mysterious old woman in the forest and what is it that feeds her anger?

When Heather determines the true cause of her son’s death, she is hell-bent on vengeance. Determined to halt the march of the Crone once and for all, hatred becomes Heather’s ultimate weapon and furies collide to devastating effect.

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Midnight Garden

Lisa’s mother is dying. But Lisa doesn’t care…

Now in her early forties, and with her life disintegrating around her, she’s been forced to return to her childhood home where the memories of her father and brother have long been repressed. When the Victorian villa across the road goes up for sale, Lisa is naturally curious. Then an odd young stranger invites her to explore the garden … but only after midnight.

But as everyone knows, after midnight is when the nightmares really begin.

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The Wonkiest Witch: Wonky Inn Book 1

Alfhild Daemonne has long denied her magickal inheritance, but now that she has unexpectedly inherited an inn—complete with a dead wizard on the patio—it may be time to confront her past and forge a new future.

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The Ghosts of Wonky Inn: Wonky Inn Book 2

Alfhild has tried to banish her demons. And her ghosts. But night after night she’s awoken by a sobbing spirit who claims he’s lost. And worse than that, someone is trying to kill him. But how do you kill someone … who is already dead?

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Weird Wedding at Wonky Inn: Wonky Inn Book 3

Whittlecombe: a charming village in the south west of England all thatched cottages and picture postcard perfection. But people are dropping like flies. It could be the flu. Or it could be that Alfhild Daemonne, is about to host the vampire wedding of the century at Whittle Inn.

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Fearful Fortunes and Terrible Tarot: Wonky Inn Book 4

There’s a psychic fayre heading to Whittlecombe. Alf, the witch, didn’t see it coming … perhaps she should have done. Banned from attending the Fayre, she looks set to miss out, until Wizard Shadowmender sends her on an undercover operation. Sark forces are gathering in Whittlecombe. Can Alf make it to her 31st birthday?

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The Mystery of the Marsh Malaise: Wonky Inn Book 5

Alfhild’s beloved Speckled Wood is dying and several Whittlecombe villagers are seriously ill. The problem appears to lie with the water. Meanwhile her bitter arch-rivals, The Mori, are out to do serious harm to her business. It’s time for ‘nice’ Alf, to become ‘nasty’ Alf. Can Alf become a lean, mean, witchy-fighting machine? Only if she stops eating cake.

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Ain’t Nothing but a Pound Dog: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 1

Toby dog, the only witness to the brutal murder of his owner, has been hexed by a woman with evil intentions. Wretched and misunderstood, he’s incarcerated in the local pound and has almost given up hope. But then he meets Clarissa. Not only is she a witch, she’s a local investigative journalist, and—amazingly—she can understand what he says. Finally, he’s found somebody who believes his story. Can Clarissa save Toby? Will they identify who killed his owner and why?

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A Curse, a Coven and a Canine: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 2

When someone assaults Toby’s elderly neighbour, he’s devastated. All indications are that Miranda Dervish—also known as The Pointy Woman—is behind this latest atrocity. Yes, the woman who murdered Old Joe AND hexed Toby is back and her evil is escalating. In a race against time, Toby and Clarissa have the odds stacked against them, but assistance comes from some rather eccentric allies in the form of The Blackdown Hills Squirrel Community, and a witch … who lives in a hedge

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Bark Side of the Moon: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 3

The Pointy Woman gave him a voice. Now she wants to shut Toby up. Permanently. No matter which way Clarissa and Toby turn, who they ask, or where they search, they’re thwarted. Down to their last few pence, an anonymous tip off and a chance encounter with a stranger in the park sets them on their way to a dramatic final showdown. On the way, they’ll have to work out just who is friend… and who is foe.

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