Spellbound Hound

Ain’t Nothing but a Pound Dog: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 1

Toby dog, the only witness to the brutal murder of his owner, has been hexed by a woman with evil intentions. Wretched and misunderstood, he’s incarcerated in the local pound and has almost given up hope. But then he meets Clarissa. Not only is she a witch, she’s a local investigative journalist, and—amazingly—she can understand what he says. Finally, he’s found somebody who believes his story. Can Clarissa save Toby? Will they identify who killed his owner and why?

Available here: http://mybook.to/Spellbound1

A Curse, a Coven and a Canine: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 2

When someone assaults Toby’s elderly neighbour, he’s devastated. All indications are that Miranda Dervish—also known as The Pointy Woman—is behind this latest atrocity. Yes, the woman who murdered Old Joe AND hexed Toby is back and her evil is escalating. In a race against time, Toby and Clarissa have the odds stacked against them, but assistance comes from some rather eccentric allies in the form of The Blackdown Hills Squirrel Community, and a witch … who lives in a hedge.

Available here: http://mybook.to/Spellbound2

Bark Side of the Moon: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 3

The Pointy Woman gave him a voice. Now she wants to shut Toby up. Permanently. No matter which way Clarissa and Toby turn, who they ask, or where they search, they’re thwarted. Down to their last few pence, an anonymous tip off and a chance encounter with a stranger in the park sets them on their way to a dramatic final showdown. On the way, they’ll have to work out just who is friend… and who is foe.

Available here: http://mybook.to/Spellbound3

Master of Puppies: Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery Book 4

Coming Soon!

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