I had a 5* review.

Some of you will be thinking, “Whoo! Congratulations!” (thank you) and others may be thinking, “Big deal. One 5* review does not a bestseller make.”

And they’d be right of course.

I’ve collected some wonderful reviews for my other books on Amazon and Goodreads, and they all make me happy. (And one or two not so wonderful reviews but let’s gloss over that! LOL)

But this 5* review was for my book about Herbie, Losing my Best Friend, and it was on Amazon.com. It does make me stop and think, you know? Somebody bought my little ebook, and they read it, and they took the time to leave me a review. That’s wonderful enough. But they also said it brought them comfort.

I only ever wanted to do two things when I wrote Losing my Best Friend. I wanted to pay tribute to my greatest furry love, and I wanted to offer support to those who have also (or will also) lose their pets, specifically dogs.

Losing my best Friend is never going to be a best seller, and it is never going to make any money, but it sells consistently, a copy one day, two the next, none for a few days and then back it goes. Compare this to Crone, which sold really well for a few weeks and now rarely gets a bite and you can see why I’m a happy person.

I’m so glad I wrote Losing my Best Friend, even thought it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Pet bereavement is a challenge for many people and I wanted to recognise that. This book is a small piece of Herbie that can never leave me. Herbie was a little part of heaven that co-existed with me on Earth. Every time I see I’ve sold a copy it reminds me of him, and every time I am reminded of him, I feel my love for him and his for me, and while sometimes that gives me a lump in my throat and I have little weep, on the whole it’s a feeling I cherish. I see the sales and I think of the people buying my book, I wonder who they are and what their story is.

So I’m sending a big hug into the universe for the lovely person who lost their friend, read my book, and took the time to be kind and leave me a review. It was a small thing … but I’m walking on air.

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