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Blog | Jeannie Alderdice


WiHM 2018 – Laissez Faire – Morgan Bell

It is no coincidence that a woman’s version of horror is specific to the vulnerabilities of being a woman, and our culture’s representation of the worst kind of villainess is the woman not shackled by these fears.

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GUEST POST – The Female of the Species is more Deadly than the Male!

WOMEN in HORROR MONTH GUEST POST Women are a requisite of the horror genre these days, as more and more women are entering the genre with their eyes open and blood dripping from their keyboards. Gone are the days when men had readers biting their nails and sitting on the edge of their seats

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WiHM 2018 – Revenge of Zeeka – BRENDA MOHAMMED

WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH 2018 GUEST POST The tiny stillborns were securely and secretly buried. Only a few people knew of this. Unknown to everyone, however, a certain scientist managed to get hold of all 51 bodies, bring them back to life, and condition them to follow his command, creating himself a perfect army of zombies.

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WiHM 2018 GUEST POST – Kirsten McKenzie – Doctor Perry

WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH 2018 GUEST POST The haunting eyes of the old portraits stacked upstairs whispered away me, nagging at me to write their story. How did they get in their frames? Did they want to stay in their frames? And the words started flowing.

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GUEST POST – The Lost Macaw – B. L. Blair

A former client hires Alex to find her lost parrot. The bright colored bird has flown away before, but this time there is evidence that Molly was kidnapped. The demand is simple—the bird for the pictures.

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GUEST POST – World-Building 101 – Simon Lindley

You must ‘walk’ alongside the giants crossing the Arvian Plains to understand the shock of it all, or spend a day with Ka the drakehawk to experience her love for the Swamps of Ierloquetze. Brochures never do a place justice. You have to book the holiday.

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GUEST POST – Stella Bruno Investigates – Peter Mulraney

Stella Bruno Investigates is a series of quick reads - books designed to be read in one sitting. Each book in the series only takes around an hour and a half to two hours to read. So, there’s no waiting for days to find out who did it. The series is set in and around...

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GUEST POST – Wise Before Their Time – Ann Richardson

“As Powerful As Any Great Classic Of Fiction” So said Sir Ian McKellen in his Foreword to my book. And it is. Do you remember the terrible times of AIDS and HIV in the 1980s and 1990s? If not, are you curious to learn what it was like for those diagnosed? Wise Before...

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GUEST POST – Forests of Mist – Haylie Machado Hanson

Hello, readers! I’d like to apologize in advance if this blog is incoherent. I’m bone-tired from being up all hours of the night feeding Girl Spawn, who coincidentally came early on launch week. Two October babies for me, what a lucky gal I am! The biggest news I have...

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