Hell Day (Part One of Three) dawns with a phone call from my youngest elf who is ‘seriously ill’ apparently. It sounds like he might have the snuffles. So here we go again. We are borrowing an elf from Stoke grotto because logistically four elves will really struggle to run the grotto today. We need three inside and ideally we need two outside and then given that I’m doing 11 hours, Tinsel is doing 11 and Ice is doing 10, we could also do with a break each. I know it’s a lot to ask…. Elf slavery!

I’ve spent the past 24 hours worried about levels of anger and aggression among parents today LOL so I have put the Security team’s phone number on speed dial on my mobile. The faster I can have the ‘bad people’ removed, the less likely there is to be disgruntlement spreading throughout the queue. I think of ‘the queue’ almost as a physical entity in itself. It’s really quite scary. Good stuff for a horror story there I feel!

I’m challenging myself to be really lovely to even the rudest customers. This may be quite difficult for me as my natural tendency when someone raises my hackles is to burn them a new a-hole. I shall say to mysELF, ‘Keep Calm and think what your Mum would do.’ And she would always be nice.

Time to go. Wish me luck 🙂 Love from Sparkle the Elf xxx

If anyone is visiting Derby today … you could bring me a cup of tea, strong, one sugar, thanks. 🙂

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